Top 5 Hen Do Drinking Games

Top 5 Hen do drinking games!

Although the main point of a hen do is to celebrate the bride-to-be’s last night of freedom, these girly get-togethers also serve as a fantastic way for members of the bridal party to meet, get to know each other and bond. Here are some tips to get the drinks rolling and the tongues wagging!…..
Never have I ever… You’ve all played this revealing drinking game at some point in your university years, and a hen night is the perfect time to rekindle the fun. Get all the hens to sit in a circle with a full drink. Going around the group, each lady must reveal something they have never done, this could be as innocent as “I have never cheated on an exam,” to some more sexually orientated, dishing the dirt statements like “I have never had sex in the shower,” anyone in the group who has done the selected deed, has to have a sip of their drink.
The purse game… Another good one to get people to mingle, the purse game involves all of the hens secretly removing one or two items out of their handbags, and placing them in one communal ‘hen-bag’. The bride must then take out each item one-by-one and guess who it belongs to. For every correct answer the rightful owner of the item must drink. If the bride gets it wrong, she’ll have to drink instead. The more unusual and ambiguous the items the better!
Banned Words… his is a good one to play throughout the night. Choose a selection of words that will definitely get used during the evening such as ‘wedding’, ‘bride’ or ‘hen’ and ban those words so that whenever someone accidentally slips up and uses one of the prohibited words… you guessed it, they have to drink!
Truth or lie… Sitting in a circle, each hen must take it in turn to say two facts about themselves, one true and the other a lie. The bride and other hens must then guess which fact was the truth, and which was the fabrication. If they get it right the person whose facts it was has to drink, if they get it wrong she gets to choose someone else to drink.
The Mr and Mrs question game … This is always a fun one to see how well your bride-to-be knows her future husband. Pre-hen, gather together a selection of tricky questions about the groom with the answers ready. For each right answer the bride can select a hen to drink, for every wrong answer though she’ll have to down a shot herself.
These games are the perfect way to laugh till your sides split, and create some life long memories!

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